Coaches - How to try iSoccer on the field

Hey Coach!

Are you thinking about using iSoccer with your team, but aren't sure if it's right for you? Here's a way you can see the power of iSoccer in just 10 minutes.

1. At warmup in your next practice, tell your players you are going to do a quick challenge and the winner doesn't have to do 20 jumping jacks/sit ups/any other quick reward you like.
2. Have them pair up with one ball in between them.
3. One player does the Foot Speed Challenge (see below), while their partner counts.
4. Tell them to remember their score, switch, and repeat the Challenge with their partner.
5. Tell them to shout out their scores and let the winner sit out while everyone else does the jumping jacks.

Now here is where you can see how iSoccer can make something as simple as Toe Taps motivate players and make skill development more exciting.

6. Ask them to raise their hands if they think they can beat their first score and see what happens!

That's iSoccer!

(Be sure to let them try again and reward the final winner!)

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