We added a lot to iSoccer 2.0, but we also cut a few things that people weren't using very much. In general, we tried to listen to what people liked and didn't like, and plan on continuing to do so moving forward. Apologies to everyone who did use the stuff we cut!

We simplified sending video iSoccerWork so now coaches can send individual videos with instructions to players. Before, you had to send a minimum of 5 videos, packaged as a session. We heard that sessions were complicated for coaches, and were a little too much for players, so we made it more bite-sized and focused.

They didn't make the cut! We are working on developing cooler rewards for players, so keep an eye out for those in the future.

Before, coaches could add players to their roster, then invite them to join. This was nice for the coach managing the roster, but it was not effective for players because many never "claimed" their accounts online, or accidentally created duplicate accounts by using a different email address or first/last name. Of course, if players don't create online accounts, they'll never get value from iSoccer! 

In addition, it is a privacy issue. Players younger than 13 need their parent's permission to be online, so they need to input personal information themselves.

Sorry if this causes you inconvenience! The good news: your kids are very tech savvy and can sign up for iSoccer in 10 seconds with your Team Code!

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We will be adding these back soon!

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