16 iSoccer Challenges

The 16 iSoccer Challenges cover all the skills you need to become a technical player and to have more fun on the field.

You take Challenges and try to beat your high scores. The more you take Challenges, the better your scores will get, and the more comfortable you'll be with the ball.

Each Core Challenge has 10 Skill Levels. Here are 16 videos explaining each Challenge:

You earn Skill Levels by taking Core Challenges and entering scores in your account. There are 10 Skill Levels for each Challenge. Plus, you get an overall Skill Level, which is the average of all of your individual Levels.

Whatever your Level is, the goal is to beat your high score and get to the next Level.

But there's more! You can't just enter any score to earn a Skill Level, you have to prove it to make that score OFFICIAL. You do this by sending your scores to your coach or parent for approval.

But remember, your scores can be rejected too if they don't believe you!

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