How to Play as a Coach with a Team

Teams play iSoccer together to get better, have fun, and learn new skills.

The object of playing iSoccer is for players to earn as many points, badges, and skill levels as possible.

Players do this by taking iSoccer challenges, entering scores in their account, and proving those scores to their coach or parent. In addition, you can score your players in practice and enter scores for them in your coach account.

Players also get points for sharing personal soccer stuff, logging in everyday, completing iSoccerWork from you, their coach, and much more!

Game on!


1. Setting up Your Team

In order to start playing iSoccer, get all of your players to join your team by signing up at with your unique "Team Code."

Players are not required to pay anything in order to join your team.

If you have an iSoccer Team Membership, all of your players (up to a roster size of 18) will have complete access, which includes all iSoccer Challenges, Personal Training Videos, Skill Tracking Tools, and ability to earn Points/Badges/Skill Levels.

If you have a free Basic Account, your players can still join your team and have a choice to sign up for a free Basic Account or an iSoccer Membership. Free accounts have limited access and the ability to take only 2 iSoccer Challenges.

Either way, if you invite your players to start playing iSoccer online, rest assured that we take the privacy and safety of your children very seriously and are honored to be involved in their development, both as soccer players and as people!



2. Soccer Challenges

The iSoccer Core Challenges cover all the skills your players need to become technical players and to have more fun on the field.

Players take Core Challenges and try to beat their high scores. The more Challenges they take, the better their scores will get, and the more comfortable they'll be with the ball.

Each Core Challenge has 10 Skill Levels. Learn about those next.


Keep a look out for iSoccer Freestyle Challenges coming soon!


3. Skill Levels

Players earn Skill Levels by taking Core Challenges and entering scores in their accounts, or if you enter scores in your coach account.

There are 10 Skill Levels for each Challenge. Plus, players get an overall Skill Level, which is the average of all of their individual Levels.


Whatever a player's Level is, the goal is to beat their high score and get to the next Level.

But there's more! Players can't just enter any score to earn a Skill Level, they have to prove it to make that score OFFICIAL. Find out how next.


4. Scoring and Verification

There are 2 types of iSoccer scores, Practice and Official. Scores that players enter are Practice until they send them to you, their coach, or to one of their parents, to be approved. Of course, the Honor System applies here, more for Parents. ;)

When approved, scores become Official and count towards a player's actual Skill Level. But remember, you can reject scores from players if you don't believe them! Or better yet, make players prove their scores to you in person. If you enter scores for players in your coach account, they are automatically Official scores.



5. iSoccer Player Points

Players earn Points for interacting with their accounts and for being engaged. The more they do in their accounts, the more Points they'll get. Tell your players to try and get as many points as they can so they can beat their teammates!

Check out all the ways your team can earn Player Points below.

Coming soon, iSoccer Members will be able to redeem Player Points for cool stuff.



Raise Official Overall Level +500
Raise Official Individual Level +250
Earn an Activity Badge +1000
Join iSoccer +1000
Upload a Profile Photo +150
Login* +50
Enter a Score +100
Post to iSoccer Feed +100
Complete iSoccerWork +100-500
*Only earns points once per day!  

6. iSoccer Activity Badges

In addition to Skill Levels and Player Points, you can also earn Activity Badges.


On Fire

Earn the On Fire badge by entering 30 scores for the iSoccer Challenges. But there's a catch! Only one score per day counts toward this badge!


Step it Up

To earn the Step It Up Badge, login into your account 30 times - but only one login per day counts toward this badge! you get the drift ;)



Become a Captain by raising your Overall iSoccer Level 5 times! Now get out there and try to beat your scores on the iSoccer Challenges.


Golden Boat

To earn the Golden Boot, you have to post something to your iSoccer Feed 30 times - but only one login per day counts toward this badge!


7. iSoccer Feed

The iSoccer Feed is where you can stay in touch with your team on soccer related stuff. Share anything you're up to related to soccer, and instruct your players to do the same. Kids love the interactivity, and Millennials these days really need online/mobile experiences to solidify their learning and development progress.

Many coaches also use their iSoccer Feeds for instructional purposes. Sending out weekly soccer "tasks," cool YouTube video clips, etc. trying to inspire their players to find self-motivation to get outside with the ball.

Remember, players get points for spending extra time with the ball on their own and posting what they did once a day. This is what playing iSoccer is all about!


8. Personal Training Videos and iSoccer(Home)Work

If you have an iSoccer Team Membership, you and your players get access to Personal Training Videos. Professionally designed, they show your players how to become more creative, technically balanced, players.

The videos cover all skill areas and offer different ideas for technical exercises that players can do on their own and in tight spaces. They are organized by skill topic and difficulty.

You can send specific Training Videos one at a time for players to work on. After they watch the video and practice the skill, they can mark it as "Complete" to earn points and let you know, "Hey Coach, I did my iSoccerWork!"



9. Joining a Team

Joining a team is easy! Just get the "Team Code" from the person, (other coach, team manager, parent, etc.) who created the team at and enter it in your Settings.



10. iSoccer Membership

iSoccer Membership gives you, and the players on your team, complete access to It also gives your team access to new features as they are released. Start an iSoccer Team Membership if you want to provide all of your players with online Memberships that will help them get better, faster, and become more complete players.

Team Membership Benefits



11. Joining a Club

If your club, or organization, is an iSoccer Member, you can contact us anytime at and we'll get you set up with your Team Membership.



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