Casual Counting

Quick Tip: Casual Counting
As many of you have seen with the iSoccer Challenges, when you add a score to something, it taps into simple, yet powerful motivational game psychology. However, not all scoring needs to be during an assessment! Here are a couple ways you can use casual counting to get more out of training:

  • It's always a good time to count:  Even if you aren't going to record the scores, players, coaches, and teammates can use counting in between Challenges to keep the 'game' going throughout the season.
  • Set quick, casual challenges: Who can get the most juggles with their non-preferred foot in 20 seconds? Go!
  • Go beyond the Skill Challenges: By using 20 seconds and casual counting, you can turn almost anything into a game. You can even use one of the iSoccer Skill Videos, like Continuous L Pulls, to create a challenge. Get creative with it!

So whether it's in training, or the backyard, use casual counting to help you and your team have more fun improving your skills this season!

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