How Do You Reward Players?

Quick Tip: How Do You Reward Players?  
Rewarding* players for achievement is a great way to motivate, but it can also be tricky.  For example, only praising in-game performance can sometimes lead talented players to rest on their laurels, instead of constantly improving, and less skilled players can feel left out. Here are a couple ways that coaches and parents can use iSoccer's objective feedback to reward all types of players effectively.
  • Recognize improvement: Using one or all of the iSoccer Challenges, recognize players for improving their scores, no matter how skilled they are. That way, everyone has a chance to receive praise for personal achievement.
  • No achievement is too small: Often, less skilled players don't have the opportunity to stand out in games. iSoccer gives them a chance to achieve something tangible, like going from an Orange to Purple Skill Level. Treat this just like going from a Red to a Black Skill Level!
  • Keep it fun: By setting objective goals and giving players fun rewards for raising their skill levels, you can take some of the emphasis off winning and losing, and get players excited about skill development!
*When we say 'reward', we mean anything from a pat on the back, to public praise, to making a player captain for the next game. It's up to you, and doesn't have to be a material reward

Of course, there is nothing wrong with rewarding a player or team for playing great. However, rewarding improvement and hard work can sometimes be even more motivating!

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