Newest Featured Team - Girls U12 Synergy

Newest Featured Team: Girls U12 Synergy

We are proud to present the girls U12 Synergy, from Lightning Soccer Club in Hanover, NH, as our newest iSoccer featured team! We hope you enjoy their story of success on and off the field, and find an idea or two you can take into the fall season!  - Scott Leber, iSoccer Founder

U10 Synergy
In 2009, Bill Miles became the coach of a rec-level U10 girls team in Hanover, NH, a small town of 10,000. Three years later, they won the U12 New Hampshire State Cup. Let's take a look at what happened during those years, and why their coach thinks winning wasn't their greatest achievement.

Coach Miles believed that skill training was key to his young team’s development, but he wasn’t sure how to get his players excited to spend more time with the ball.  He had played D1 soccer at UPenn, but couldn’t use the drills he learned in college – they were too advanced, and emphasized the wrong part of the game for U10 players.

He discussed these issues with another coach, who introduced him to iSoccer. After using iSoccer at only one practice, Coach Miles said a light bulb went off. “iSoccer gave me a repeatable process that was fun, focused on the basic skills necessary for young players, and actually worked!”

Q n A with Coach Miles

  • They started using iSoccer at the beginning of every practice, sometimes as a formal assessment, and sometimes as a quick challenge.
  • Throughout practice, they used 20 seconds, and even came up with some new skills on their own.
  • Coach Miles set short and long terms goals for everyone to achieve.
  • iSoccer helped create a strong bond among teammates, and led to healthy, fun competition in training that motivated the entire team to spend time with the ball away from practice.

Q n A with Coach Miles

Although the players’ iSoccer scores started going up immediately, it took 6-8 months for the team’s technical improvement to really start showing up on the field. Then this past spring, three years after starting to use iSoccer, the team won the New Hampshire State Cup! They became the first girls team to win the cup in the Lightning Soccer Clubs’s 29-year history, and this year, they were the only girls team in the state to win that wasn’t from the main competitive NH club, Seacoast United.
Great work girls!
State Cup Champs!

*The concept of a “growth mindset” was pioneered by Columbia and Stanford psychologist, Dr. Carol Dweck. She explains that, “in a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” You can read more about her groundbreaking studies with school children.

iSoccer uses games to create a fun path that shows kids how to improve in soccer and in life. Coach Miles used iSoccer as a foundation, applied it to his personal coaching philosophy, and ran with it. How you use it is up to you!

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