Get Ready for Tryouts

Quick Tip: Get Ready for Tryouts

Whether tryouts are going on now, or they are a few weeks away, it's the perfect time for players to set a quick goal to raise two of their iSoccer Skill Levels. Parents and coaches can help too - follow these steps!
  • Pick two iSoccer Challenges: Whether it's dribbling, passing, or aerial control, pick the two skills that you want to improve the most.
  • Score yourself once or twice a week: Track your progress until tryouts.
  • Practice on your own: Be sure to spend time with the ball working on those skills in between scoring yourself.
  • Raise your level: If you spend time focusing on only two of your weaknesses, you will be amazed at how you can improve those specific skills. Raise your iSoccer level and your confidence before tryouts!
Tryouts can be a stressful time, but whether you make the team or not, try and prepare yourself as much as you can.  And even if you don't have tryouts coming up, setting goals around only two skills is a great way to become more and more comfortable on the ball.

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