Maximize Your Time Juggling

Quick Tip: Maximize Your Time Juggling

At a soccer camp recently, a player who could juggle over 600 times took the iSoccer Pro Juggling Challenge. He scored a 10 on Non-Preferred Foot Juggling.
His response: "I guess I'm not as good as I thought!"

When most players spend time juggling, they try to get as many as they can, or get creative, which are fun, effective ways to improve touch and control. However, to develop a better touch even faster, try using these simple, efficient juggling methods used in the iSoccer Pro Juggling Challenge:
  • Isolate the feet: Often, the strong foot makes up for poor touches by the weak foot resulting in high juggling numbers. Isolate the feet, plus use other specific juggling combinations to truly sharpen skills.
  • Add space and time constraints: Just like in games, external factors force players to focus on each touch. How many left foot juggles can you do in 20 seconds? 5? Try to get to 10! 30? Try to get to 35! And so on.

So the next time you or your players are juggling, try applying these tips. Players will be better prepared for in-game situations, plus have more fun at the next freestyle juggle session!

The iSoccer Team

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