Energize Players with 20 Seconds in Practice

Quick Tip: Energize Players with 20 Seconds in Practice

Using time constraints in practice makes training more effective for players of any age:
  • Turns skills training into a game! How many can you do in 20 seconds?
  • Gaming psychology kicks in, and each player's work rate naturally goes up.
  • Creates a new dynamic in training that's exciting and fun.
  • Apply time constraints to any drill or exercise - get creative!

Why 20 Seconds?

20 seconds strikes that ideal balance of having a player perform the specific skill consistently while becoming tired, but not exhausted. Players of all ages and skill levels begin to sharpen their ability by pushing themselves and maximizing effort during the 20 second window.

So take 20 seconds beyond the iSoccer Challenges, and use it in your next training session to motivate players to work harder with the ball!

The iSoccer Team

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