Find a Wall

Quick Tip: Find a wall!

Here is a little advice from an all-time great on the best training tool out there: Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp, the great Dutch striker said that when he was a young player at Ajax, they had little three foot high walls. He would knock the ball against it for hours. Every time he hit the ball, he would know whether it was a good touch or a bad touch. He would do it over and over, trying to establish a rhythm.

“I would also hit the ball against the side of the house… Hitting the ball with both feet, seeing how long I could return the walls passes without losing control. I found out later that so many pros spend lots of their childhood doing that.”

- from More Than Goals, by Claudio Reyna

So whether you are a player training on your own, or a coach instructing your team, the message is simple this week - go find a wall!

Once you do, don't forget to test your iSoccer Passing Skills and see if you can beat your high score.

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