Setting Monthly Goals

Quick Tip: Set a Monthly

The beginning of the month is always a good opportunity to set goals, and although it may seem like a small thing, setting an iSoccer goal is an easy way to get motivated. Be sure to sweeten the deal with a fun reward for reaching your goal!

1. Coaches: Team goals
Setting a team goal is a great way to get everyone working together as a group and excited to spend more time with the ball. It can be as simple as, "If we hit 100,000 points by May, we'll go out for pizza!"

2. Players: Personal goals
Whether you want to raise your overall level this month, or focus on a specific skill that you have been struggling with, set a personal goal for yourself. Beating your high score and achieving your goal is a great feeling and you'll know that you're becoming a better player! 

Good luck and have fun this season.

The iSoccer Team

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