Hey coach - once you create your account, here is how to get started with iSoccer:

Getting your team set up is easy:

1. Give players your Team Code
2. Players can either download the iSoccer Mobile App, or go to, and create a free account using the Team Code to join the team.

Here are a couple best practices for getting your team excited to use iSoccer to train at home.
  • Create a competition around who can earn the most iSoccer Points in a month
  • Send out video iSoccerWork once a week
  • Post to the Team Feed once a week encouraging and recognizing players' iSoccer activities
  • Score players on one or two iSoccer Challenges during practices (optional)
Coaches use iSoccer in a lot of ways, so play around with your account, and let us know if we can help with anything at

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